Thursday, July 31, 2008

Operation Baking GALS: Assignment #1


Susan of She's becoming doughmesstic sent out an S.O.S. to the blog world when her cousin who is stationed in Iraq mentioned that he and his comrades were in desperate need of a little home baked goodness. Well word spread like wild fire, and I am proud to say that what started out as a few fellow bloggers has grown into quite the baking brigade! In fact there were so many people interested in lending a hand that it is now an official baking group! Each month the serviceman selected will receive the boxes of goodies, and then divide them up between their unit.
Remember we can all do our part for a worthy cause, so pick up your whisks and start baking!

My first shipment was 4 dozen brownie buttons. Don't they look patriotic?!

You can find the rest of the crew that participated in the first assignment here She's becoming doughmesstic and if you would like any information on how you can do your part just visit Operation Baking GALS!

The recipe I used was my favorite brownie recipe which can be found here

Stay Sweet;)


~Amy~ said...

That's awesome of you! I plan on taking part too!

Anonymous said...

That's very sweet! Both the brownies and the cause you made them for.
And it does look very patriotic :)