Wednesday, April 30, 2008

*Bow Chicka Bow Wow*

Have you ever wondered what would happen if an Oreo and a thin mint had an illicit affair in a dark corner of your kitchen cabinet? Poor thin mint wouldn't stand a chance against Oreo's creamy seductive filling. He would have thin mint melting off her minty chocolate coating in no time, and 10 minutes later you would have these little guys running all over your kitchen. Aren't they the most adorable things you've ever seen?! Mini oreos with minty chocolate coating, just like mama thin mints only better.

Last night I was suddenly attacked with the midnight munchies. So I ran for my cabinet for the perfect treat to satisfy my tormenting taste buds, And I saw them there. Hiding in the corner, the blue bag shining proudly in all of its mini Oreo glory. I hurriedly shoved three in my mouth waiting for sweet satisfaction, instead all I felt was disappointment. My taste buds turned up their snotty little noses at the mini Oreos. Since it was late, and I knew I couldn't bake because I was exhausted, and I've become quite the vixen in the kitchen (Hey I like that, I'm going to Make that my new display name) as of late I decided to come up with a quick fix for the mini oreos. So into the microwave went some chocolate with a bit of mint extract and when it came out I tossed in some mini Oreos scooped them out and let them harden and TADA!

Sweet, sweet victory over the midnight munchies. They were chocolaty, they were minty, and they were perfect. I am thin mint lover, but these truly will make you convert to minty oreo minis. Try them, they will concur your midnight munchies with their gentle minty flavor and smooth chocolate coat. America's favorite cookie gets a make over, and its looking damn sexy.

Minty Oreo Minis
Source: The Kitchen Vixen (That's me people)
25 Oreo Minis
1/2 cup of chocolate (I used merckens)
1/4 tsp of mint extract
white chocolate design (optional)
Source: Cupcake Project
1/4 of white chocolate

Melt chocolate in microwave safe bowl at 50% power for about 5 minutes or until melted. Stir in between. Once melted add the mint extract and mix. Drop a few cookies in at a time and scoop them up and place them on foil or wax paper to harden (I put mine in the fridge because time was of the essence). While they are hardening microwave white chocolate using the same directions stated above, but do not add the mint extract (I mean you can if you want to, your kitchen, your rules). Once they have hardened sufficiently put the melted white chocolate in a small sandwich bag and cut a small hole in one of the corners and decorate your cookies.

Stay Sweet;)

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